pfriedma (pfriedma) wrote,

Ugh why WHY do I read the comments after reading a seemingly innocent and interesting news article

Global Warming.
Why is this a debate? Seriously.
Maybe I'm just jaded, but really, shouldn't scientists be focusing on finding out the truth? I mean if some scientist claims there's data that contradicts the norm, isn't it retested? previous works reviewed?
I'm not really surprised though... the USA seems to be pretty full of wargarbl lately. Like claiming "biased data". This phrase makes my head hurt. Scientific data, should, by definition be.. well completely objective. Either polar ice is melting or it's not. This is not a matter of belief or corporate kickbacks... it's boolean. Temperatures are either warmer or not. More unstable or not (comparable to some known value).

Seriously, someone needs to bitch slap some sense into people, and move the fuck on. Same goes for evolution, and a whole host of highly-debated issues which have objective answers and debate is a waste of time.

Gay marriage should probably also be on that list. Really, either it's great for the economy, taking care of kids no one wants to adopt, etc or it's not. Or am I giving too much credit to the objective nature of this? Is this really a huge moral issue? Being raised non-Christian, I never saw it as one. Christians (specifically Conservative Christianity) are the only groups with organizations aggressively fighting this (Focus on the family, all the ex-gay ministries, etc). Maybe when I see more Jewish and Hindu "pro-family" organizations I'll concede that this is anything more than stupidity and imposed religion.

As for the other issues - hasn't evolution been observed in bacterial samples? Am I just living in an ill-informed bubble or haven't these things already been proven and we need to move on?
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