pfriedma (pfriedma) wrote,

Two posts in a day - unheard of

It occurred to me that the problem with US cellphone companies is that they're still stuck in the paradigm that ISPs were in 10 years ago. You had AOL, CompuServ, MSN, and a few others that basically provided the same service, but each company had something nifty that you could only get on their software and their service. Thankfully, now your ISP really gives you an IP address, and you can do mostly what you please with it.

I'm hoping cell companies go this way soon. The idea that some number of phones, with essentially the same hardware and operating system can have drastically different functionality is absurd. If you're going to embrace an open operating system like Android, fscking open up the crap you ship with it, or don't bother shipping it at all. Customers shouldn't want to buy your headset because you wrote an app you can only get with that provider, that totally fails at the point, especially when you can charge money for a download of it on the app market - e.g. I should be able to have blur on a driod, or Google Navigation on a G1.

Really, I'm just hoping someday that I can just go into a Best Buy, get a headset I choose (ideally with an OS I choose) and put it on a network I choose, like I can essentially do with a PC now.
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