pfriedma (pfriedma) wrote,

On Twitter and Such

I turned off cross-posting of twitter to my journal - I don't post here that often, but figure that "longer, but more infrequent posts" are more conducive to a journal than daily one-liners. If you also want to follow me on twitter, I'm pfriedma there as well.

Recapping events of the past few weeks, there's not too much to discuss.

Pittsburgh Pride was awesome... I don't remember specifics because Eric and I drake our faces off and thus most of the weekend was a blur. At the last Burgh Bears meeting we met some awesome lesbians around our age and saw them again at pride. Suffice it to say, we had a lot of fun and got a chance to hang out with some really fun people.

The storm last Wednesday made me sad. The storm itself was actually very nice (I love thunderstorms) however our surge-suppressor for our file-server didn't do it's job, and the machine fried. Hopefully the data (our pictures, movies, etc) is still intact, but I won't know until I get a machine with 4+ sata ports to rebuild the RAID array. Anyway, if you tried to access my AFS cell and were greeted by sadness, that's why.

Not much new to report otherwise...

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