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Internets - I have a dilemma!

So I have this LiveJournal thing you see... and I've had it for quite some time... but I don't really use it anymore. As it turns out, more and more, the type of things I would write here - the more personal, well thought musings, etc, are things I prefer to share with a select number of people I see and talk to regularly. The rest of the stuff I would put here generalizes to the day-to-day minutia of my life, for which as a method of blasting said out to the internet, twitter and facebook seem uncannily suited.

So my dilemma - to keep livejournal or ditch it.

I already have a secondary blog set up, which eventually will be mostly technical and filled with details of some R&D work I'm eventually getting around to. However, I believe my personal blog may soon become a relic of the past....
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