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It's been a really long time since I updated LJ, and quite a few things have changed in my life... oh man... this is gonna be a long braindump of an entry.

Where to start. Well... I became single in December '09, long story short, the ex left me for someone else. However, I have actually kinda been enjoying single life. There are a few downsides - the house is empty and I miss cuddling, but on the plus side, I've well realized that things are for the better and I now have the opportunity to really find the type of relationship I want.

Of course, there's been some angst manifest from this search. Intelligence is key - in my previous relationships I've always tried to get involved in my partner's interests, but it's never really been reciprocated for lack of interest or ability. Geeks have a culture, and dating someone that's familiar with that culture, is a good decision for me - there HAS to be a common ground intellectually or else it's always going to be one-sided. Sexual compatibility is also pretty important. Despite having always gotten really positive feedback of my dom/top abilities, and having enjoyed it - I really am so much more comfortable as a sub/btm, and a potential partner of mine needs to compliment that. Twice now, guys wanting me to be "more vers" have caused tensions. I'd really love a total top. Alas, it seems the set of guys that are both intellectually compatible, local, and sexually compatible is empty. I'm happy waiting though, since when I do find it - it will be worth it.

So right now, in summary, I've been taking things one day at a time - if something presents itself cool, if not, whatever. I have more important things to worry about than chasing guys. Even though I'm wired for LTRs, most guys just aren't worth my time.

Some other things have changed, I've been working out quite a bit more, and am a bit more slim and muscular than previously... it's still a pretty slow process, since I've just began to summon the motivation - but I'm hoping it becomes more and more regular. See pic:

Work has been going well. I really enjoy working for Computing Services. The environment fits my personality well, and despite a far administrative process overhead, there's still freedom to explore interesting projects on the side which is nice.

Spent last weekend in Portland, OR visiting friends from DEFCON which was awesome. I usually only get to hang around those types once a year, so it was a really nice surprise to get a chance to have a lil mini-con event and just geek out and enjoy the community. I'm definitely looking forward to August!

And of course - this weekend is Carnival which has been pretty awesome thus far. This is the first year that I haven't been involved in booth in some way shape or form, so being able to actually enjoy carnival, as opposed, to stressing out over booth is AWESOME.

Well that's all for now... I think I might have to start posting more regularly.
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