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DUDE! Look at that *DOOR*! It's so big and RED!

So it's been several weeks since I've checked LJ, and several more weeks than that since I've posted. This is a good thing, really, because I've been spending most of my time hanging with friends and doing stuff IRL. Not that this entry is about to do many of these events justice, but to give you an idea of what's been going on with me...

September was pretty uneventful. Spent most of it working, or, if it was the weekend, just hanging out.
October, however, was much busier. We spend most of the weekends last month out of town. The first weekend, we went to Buffalo and visited with Eric's friends and family, and, like we always do, had a great time. The next weekend, we road-tripped down to Kentucky (Specifically Florance, KY, which is, basically, across the river from Cincinnati, OH) and went to Eric's friend's bachelorette party. Drunken partying ensued, and a good time was had by all.
The next weekend after that, there wasn't much going on except spending Friday waiting for the Best Buy guy to come fix our tv. You see, we have a DLP rear-projection unit, and the imaging module got fucked up. Of course, by "fucked up" I mean, there were about 300 white "dead pixels" all over the screen from where, I imagine, the stupid little mirrors on the DLP chip decided they didn't want to move anymore (I don't know this is what actually caused this, but based on my limited knowledge of how DLP works, it seems reasonable). Anyway, they replaced the imaging module and all was well.
The last weekend in October, was spent road-tripping yet again to KY, for the actual wedding, which was pretty, and a lot of fun. There are great pictures of us being drunken idiots in our hotel room. The wedding was Friday, the next day, our room looked pretty disastrous. We spent most of the time before checkout cleaning up. After we checked out of the hotel we headed all the way up to Buffalo for a haloween party. The party was fun, some friends from Pittsburgh joined us, and we had a great time getting drunk and playing Apples to Apples. Best pick of the evening: "Funny - Berlin 1945". Back to Pittsburgh Sunday and spent the remaining hours relaxing.
Of course, partying has it's price. Coupled with the drastic temperature shift (84F in KY on Friday to 30ish in Buffalo Saturday night), Eric and I got the flu, which made most of last week miserable. However, I'm feeling a lot better now, and eager to return to the office, because I still, in fact, love my job.
This weekend we took pretty easy, embracing our re-found health and such. Rooted my G1 on Friday. Really glad I did. I'm running Cyanogen's It's damn fast and seems to be a lot more responsive. Installed the Andriod 2.0 theme today, for a lookse at some of the new animations and such... seems pretty nice. I lost a bit of the performance, but it still seems snappier than stock. I can't explain why I hadn't rooted my phone sooner. I think I just hadn't been bored at home with the flu yet :P
What's left on the agenda for the remaining hours of the weekend? Cleaning the house, installing a new radio in Meg's car, and getting ready for work tomorrow.

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